De Armeense genocide

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The New York Times, 21 augustus 1916
Bron: The New York Times Archive

Armenians Dying in Prison Camps

Hundreds of Thousands Still in Danger from Turks, Refugees Fund Secretary Says.


About 1,000,000 Victims Deported and 500,000 Massacred, the Rev. Harold Buxton Reports.

Special Cable to The New York Times

LONDON, Monday, Aug. 21.— The Rev. Harold Buxton, Secretary of the Armenian Refugees Fund, has just returned to England after devoting three months to relief work in the devastated villages. In an interview the Rev. Mr. Buxton gave details which entirely confirm the grave statements made by Lord Bryce some months ago in the House of Lords. Asked whether he had any proof that the deportation of Armenians last summer was due to German instigation, he said:

“All I can say is that the German Government did nothing to stop the massacres. During the whole business German influence was supreme at Constantinople, and German Consuls were at their posts in all the chief centres through Asia Minor. Besides, the people were swept away with a methodical thoroughness which one does not expect from the Turk, who, when left to himself, acts rather with sudden spasms of fury.

“I have evidence from an American missionary that certain of the German Consuls did their best on behalf of the Armenian people. For instance, the German Consul at Erzerum wired to his Ambassador in Constantinople vigorously protesting at the order of deportation. He received a reply in these words: ‘We cannot interfere in the internal affairs of Turkey.’

“I don't think there has been any exaggeration as to losses as published in England. The Armenian race numbered over 4,000,000, of whom 2,000,000 were Turkish Armenians, and of these perhaps 1,000,000 have been deported and 500,000 massacred. Only 200,000 escaped into the mountains, and so across to Russian soil. There are some hundreds of thousands in concentration camps between Aleppo and Mosul and in the neighboring regions of Mesopotamia, where Turkey continues to be supreme over their fate.

“To this considerable population we have no access, and it is still in danger. According to reports which come through, it is being ravaged by sickness, famine, privations of all kinds, outrages, and murder, all of which means high mortality among the victims.”