De Armeense genocide

 /  Geschiedenis  /  Berichtgeving in de internationale pers  /  Murder of 1.000.000 Armenians

The Daily Mirror, 15 december 1915
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Murder of 1.000.000 Armenians

More Details of Turks' Diabolical Cruelty to Hapless Nation


Lord Bryce last night issued a further report giving details of the terrible Armenian atrocities.

He says that a competent authority estimates that, taking the total numbers of Armenians in Turkey at 2,000,000, nearly 1,000,000 have perished.

The details come via the United States, from sources of which the fullest reliance may be placed-foreigners engaged in hospital work in a town where several streams of deported Armenians converged at a stage in their journey to death.

“After a time,” says the report, “large numbers of the exiles at X. were allowed to find shelter in the town, where they rented houses, and for a time were better off. But they were not allowed to rest in quiet.”


“Suddenly the order would come from the police that all were to leave for Y., and the whole number who were in the town, perhaps 5,000, would be driven (and I mean literally driven, under the lash) into the streets with all their goods and be rushed to the encampment.

“Hardly anything makes me so hot as the thought of the soldiers' families.

“The men, the fathers, brothers, sons, husbands, are serving in the Turkish army as loyally as any, and their families, their children, with wives and sisters, are driven off in this inhuman manner.

“Within this past week all the Armenian men, whether Gregorian, Protestant, or Catholic, have been taken, stripped to shirt and drawers, tied together, and taken away and heard of no more.”


“The women and girls have been distributed to the Turkish villages, and Turks come and look over the girls and choose what they want.

“I could give you the name of one of the wealthiest men in K. whose wife and three daughters were taken away before his eyes, and who went crazy.

“It is terrible to refuse asylum to girls whom we know to be in danger. Yesterday an unusually pretty and refined young girl of fifteen was brought to us by her parents. She had been pursued all the way from W. by an Army officer, but they had been able to elude him and the police as well.

“Our hospital is too public to shelter her, and we are still looking for a place for her.

“Most of the people in town are scared to do anything at all, foreigners included, but we don't propose to show the white feather, and are only waiting for certain official persons to return from X.”