De Armeense genocide

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The Argus, 16 december 1915
Bron: National Library of Australia

Vile Turks


One Million Victims Perish

Lord Bryce, in a letter to the “Daily Telegraph,” returns to the subject of the Turkish atrocities in Armenia. He writes:—

“A competent authority estimates that 1,000,000 Armenians have perished. Further details show that 5,000 people were literally driven to death under the lash. Awful cases of pillage, murder, outrage, starvation, and girl stealing are related.

“In one case 200 Armenians were taken in trucks to the river bank, where each truckload was shot. All Armenian men were half-stripped, then tied together, and taken away. The women and girls were distributed among the Turkish villages, where the Turks scrutinised them, and chose whom they wanted. A wealthy Armenian resident, who saw his wife and three daughters taken away, became a raving lunatic.

“An eye-witness says;— To-day I counted 21 women and children in a hospital, lying on the floor, suffering from sheer exhaustion. Three of the children were moribund, and half of the remainder are likely to die. Two children were forcibly separated from their mother. One of them was left to lie on the damp ground, and died. The mother strayed on to a railway line, and her leg was partially amputated. The mother is now demented. The sufferings of the people are too horrible and awful to describe.”