The Sydney Morning Herald, 8 januari 1917
Bron: National Library of Australia

Appeal for Armenians

Mr. M.A.R. Davis, hon. treasurer of the Armenian Fund, writes:— "No one can fail to be touched by the piteous condition to which Armenia has been reduced. Nothing more nor less has been aimed at than the extermination of a Christian nation, accompanied by every outrage and torture which the minds of savage and unbridled rage and lust could invent. In the last issue of "Ararat," the Armenian official organ, there are enough horrors to sicken the stoutest heart. Among them one learns that there are 25,000 little children of one year and upwards who are left without one relation to whom they can turn for help."

To relieve in a small way the dire necessities of this unhappy nation, a committee has been formed and a depot opened at the Y.W.C.A. Thee Railway Commissioners will give free carriage to goods addressed to the depot, 163 Castlereagh-Street, Sydney."