The Sydney Morning Herald, 6 december 1920
Bron: National Library of Australia



LONDON. Dec. 6.

The decision of the conference of British, French, and Italian Ministers to oppose Armenia's admission to the League of Nations is due to the probable revision of the Turkish Treaty, owing to the change in Greece. A Moscow message claims that Armenia has become a Soviet Republic.

The Australian Press Association's correspondent at Geneva states that the report that Mr. Lloyd George, M. Leygues, and Count Sforza oppose the admission of Armenia to the League caused surprise in the Assembly in view of the fact that the sub-committee recommend Armenia's admission. Lord Robert Cecil and M. Vlviani (France) approved of the committee's decision. M., Viviani, subsequently interviewed, said he was in accord with the London decision. Lord Robert Cecil declined to say anything at present.

Earl Curzon (Minister for Foreign Affairs) has telegraphed to M. Hymans (President of the Assembly) that while unable to take independent action in Armenia Britain is willing to second President Wilson's action with moral and diplomatic support.