The Sydney Morning Herald, 5 november 1895
Bron: National Library of Australia

Turkey and Armenia




LONDON, Nov. 3.

The Armenians who have broken into open revolt, and who are reported to be well armed, are carrying fire and sword into the Mahomedan districts around Marash, a town of 10,000 inhabitants, situate 90 miles N.N.W. of Aleppo.

The Turkish garrison at Zeitoun, a town in Asia Minor with a population of 20,000, chiefly Armenian Christians, is imploring the Government to send further forces to its aid.

The British Governmont has proposed to the United States Government that joint action should be taken to protect their respective subjects in Turkey.

Nov. 4.

The moratorium (or suspension of banking payments) proclaimed by the Sultan of Turkey with the view of allaying the threatened panic in Constantinople is only applicable to the Bourse and the banks, and excludes mercantile dealings.

The loading banks of Constantinople ignore the situation, which is largely due to the closing of Armenian business houses consequent upon a congestion of dishonoured bills.

Chefik Effendi has been appointed to preside over the commission for carrying out the reforms in the Asiatic provinces.

In these provinces there is a virtual revolution. the Armenians are rising everywhere. They have murdered the Governor of Keuksoun and all his family.