The Sydney Morning Herald, 3 augustus 1915
Bron: National Library of Australia

Armenian Massacres

ATHENS, Aug. 1.

Ghastly details of the Armenian massacres are to hand. Six hundred Armenians in Marsovan were accused of concealing arms, and were marched outside the town. They offered to give up the arms, which they had retained in selfdefence. While a small party were allowed to return to show where the arms were concealed, the rest were massacred.

Several Greeks In Marsovan were compelled to dig a trench as a grave before being shot. Greek women were given the alternatives of embracing Islam or death. They refused to change their religion. Their lives were spared, but they were left to the mercy of the soldiers, being compelled to accompany the troops on a long march. Some became exhausted and abandoned their babies. The German orphanage sent an ambulance to rescue the survivors lying by the roadsides.

Owing to a discovery of bombs in Marsovan, thousands of innocent people were tortured throughout Armenia, with a view to making them give up explosives. Twenty men were beaten to death at Bardesagh, and nameless torture was indicted in Baghtchedjik.