The Sydney Morning Herald, 25 mei 1915
Bron: National Library of Australia



LONDON, May 21.

The Press Bureau states that the British, French, and Russian Governments announce that for a month the Kurds and Turkish population in Armenia have been massacring Armenians, with the connivance, and often the help, of the Ottoman authorities. These massacres have occurred at Erzerum, Dertchan, Egin, Bitlis, Sassoun, Mouss, Zeitun, and the whole of Cilicia. The inhabitants in about one hundred villages near Van were all assassinated. Kurds besieged the Armenian quarter of Van. the Porte at Constantinople at the same time has been ranging itself against inoffensive Armenians.

In the face of these fresh crimes the Governments announce publicly that they will hold all members of the Ottoman Government and its agents personally responsible for the massacres.