The Sydney Morning Herald, 24 april 1909
Bron: National Library of Australia

Armenian Massacres



The wave of fanaticism in Adana is directly traceable to the revival of respect for the Sheriat (Sacred Law), and the popularity of the Sultan spreading in the eastern provinces.

Kurds, Circassians, and nomads are devasting Christian villages throughout Sivas, an important caravan centre, and the Aleppo Vilayet.

Between 10,000 and 15,000 Armenians were massacred at Syria, principally in the Adana Vilayet.

The Turkish Government has urgently instructed the Vali to suppress the disturbances and deal rigorously with the ringleaders.

The situation at Tarsus has improved.

The reactionaries in the embroiled districts brought about universal devastation and ruin among the Armenian population. They spared neither women nor children in their mad fanatical campaign.

Everywhere the massacres were conducted with the greatest violence. They went about their work of killing like hordes of fiends, shouting, "Not a twig of the accursed race shall be suffered to live."