The Sydney Morning Herald, 23 augustus 1922
Bron: National Library of Australia

Appeal for Armenia

The women's auxiliary established in furtherance of the appeal for Armenian relief combats what it describes as the untruths circulated about Armenians, and points out that there are only 11 of them in New South Wales, and that they cannot, therefore, speak for themselves. The Turk, it is stated, has reduced their numbers from ten millions to four millions during his overlordship of the land, and of these four millions two millions have been exterminated since 1914.

"At this moment," it is added, "200,000 children are outside the orphanages perishing on the hillsides. These children have no adult relatives; they are the orphans of the Christian world. The sum of £10 will support one for a year."

"On September 2 the first 'mercy' ship will leave Australia. Victoria is sending £1000 worth of flour. We wish to match them £ for £. If 1000 people here rise to the occasion quickly we can do it. Also, we want collections of individual tins of milk. These, with clothing, etc., will be received each day at the basement of the Town Hall. Any clean article of clothing, any small contribution of foodstuff, is welcome. Rice is a luxury to the patients in the hospitals. Cheques may be seat to the Lord Mayor, or to the hon. secretary, Jamieson-street, Sydney. A separate appeal will be sent to the country for goods in kind."

The appeal is signed, on behalf of the auxiliary, by the Lady Mayoress (Mrs. McElhone), Lady David, and Mrs. R.S. Mackinnon, the last-named as hon. secretary.