The Sydney Morning Herald, 22 april 1909
Bron: National Library of Australia

Armenian Massacres



British warships have landed 800 bluejackets at Mersina, Turkey in Asia, 36 miles south-west of Adana, the scene of the recent riots.

Consular telegrams estimate that there have been 2000 people killed at Adana, and 3000 elsewhere in the vilayet, which is in a state of anarchy.

Conditions at Marash are still precarious owing to renewed attacks on the Armenians.

Latest advices state that the massacre at Adana began in the markets on Wednesday, when a Moslem mob, impelled by fanaticism and a desire to loot, killed five Armenians.

The Armenians withdrew to their own quarter, and resisted the mob for 48 hours. Hordes of Moslem villagers then arrived, and were supplied with arms by the authorities, who affected to regard them as military reserves. In the attack which followed the women and children where horribly mutilated. The town now resembles a shambles.

There have been similar scenes at Tarsus, where 4000 people have taken refuge in the American College.

Order has been restored at Adana and Tarsus, where the vali and mutessarif responsible for the disorder have been dlsmissed.