The Sydney Morning Herald, 22 maart 1895
Bron: National Library of Australia

The Troubles in Asia Minor

The Constantinople correspondent of the Daily News learns that all the witnesses thus far heard by the Armenian Commission have represented Turkish views. There is good reason to believe, however, that a number of Armenians would present themselves before the Commission to give a different version of the events forming the subject of investigation were they given the opportunity. The Armenians complain of the appointment of Omer Bey, a member of the commission, to the governorship of Bitlis, as incompatible with the independence on the part of the commissioners. The local authorities are said to be throwing difficulties in the way of the foreign delegates on the Inquiry Commission obtaining information which they desire, and the Ambassadors of the Powers are said to have made representations to the Porte on the subject. The allusions to the Armenian question in the Royal Speech at the opening of the British Parliament, Lord Rosebery's language about the necessity for reforms in Armenia, are said to have produced a deep impression on the Sultan. The Constantinople newspapers are forbidden to allude to the matter, and the Queen's Speech has only been published in part. Copies the Times of 31st Januari, received by mail, were not allowed to be distributed in Constantinople on account of an article commenting on the action of the Porte with regard to foreign correspondents in Asia Minor. In diplomatic circles it is believed that a conference of the Powers for the discussion of reforms in Armenia will ultimately become necessary.