The Sydney Morning Herald, 21 juni 1922
Bron: National Library of Australia

Tragedy of Armenia


A meeting of the clergy of various denominations held at the Chapter House yesterday afternoon, under the presidency of Archbishop Wright, was very sympathetic to the appeal of the Rev. Dr. L.L. Wirt, commissioner of the American Near East Relief Organisation, when he presented the cause of the suffering Armenians.

A vote of thanks was accorded Dr. Wirt, and it was resolved to endorse his appeal, and to co-operate with the Lord Mayor's committee on Armenian relief. An appeal for the support of the public will probably be made within three months, the Lord Mayor having counselled delay in view of other pressing charities in hand at present.

Dr. Wirt also addressed the members of the Rotary Club, and received a promise of support from that body.

Speaking at the Y.M.C.A. last evening Dr. Wirt said that half of the Armenians had been destroyed by the Turks, 150,000 having been killed since the armistice. The Near East Relief was doing its best to succour two million starving, homeless people. Three weeks ago the British Foreign Office had published a document discovered at Aleppo by General Allenby, in which Talaat Pasha in 1915 ordered the massacre of the Armenian Christians. As a result a commission, representative of Britain, America, France, and Italy had been appointed to investigate conditions following the massacres.