The Sydney Morning Herald, 20 december 1922
Bron: National Library of Australia

Women's Column



The "Condensed Milk Matinee" was a decided success, and filled the Tivoli Theatre yesterday morning with a happy audience of children and adults, whose contributions will materially help the shipment of goods to go forward next month to succour the little refugee children of Armenia and Syria – the helpless victims of Turkish cruelty. The film, "Alice in Hungerland," which depicts the travels of a little American girl through Armenia, a couple of Mr. W.A. Thompson's delightful stories, and musical items and comic songs by Mr. Maurice Price and Mr. Bobby Watson, made up a pleasant entertainment, at the close of which Mrs Glanville, hon. secretary of the Armenian Relief Commission, who has just returned from a conference in Melbourne on the work, spoke. She pointed out that the Armenian Relief Fund differed from all the other funds of this kind. Inasmuch as no money at all was sent out of the country, but that every shilling expended was spent here on the purchase of our own foodstuffs, materials, etc.; also that the goods were sent direct to the Australasian Orphanage In Beirut (Syria), where they were administered by Australians attached to the Near East Relief Commission working there. Miss Hilda King, of Melbourne, and Mr. and Mrs. Knudsen, of New Zealand, are already installed there, and Miss Gordon is leaving Victoria shortly to join them.