The Sydney Morning Herald, 18 maart 1921
Bron: National Library of Australia

After Ten Years


LONDON, March 17

A Berlin message states that Taalat Pasha's assassin, Solomon Teilirian, aged 21 years, a student, who was horribly mauled as the result of the crowd attempting to lynch him, made a dramatic confession in the hospital to the police. He said he had been seeking revenge for ten years. When a boy he saw his parents dragged from their home in an Armenian village and brutally killed in his presence by Talaat's orders. He swore to his dying mother that he would not rest until Talaat was dead. He nourished his hate until the war gave him an opportunity of fulfilling his mission in life. He followed Talaat from Constantinople to Switzerland, and thence to Berlin. Owing to having no money, and only being able to speak Persian and Armenian, he was for a long time unable to approach his enemy, but at last was successful. He ended his confession by saying: "I am happy now. I have no feeling of repentance."