The Sydney Morning Herald, 14 juli 1922
Bron: National Library of Australia

Help for Armenia


At a meeting on Wednesday at the Pitt street Congregational Church, presided over by Lady David, Dr. L.L. Wirt spoke on the suffering of the Armenian Christians under Turkish rule, and made an appeal for assistance in relief work.

Mrs. R.R.S. MacKinnon asked all present to enrol themselves as a women's auxiliary to work with the men on the Lord Mayors executive committee. Lady David was asked to become president of this women's auxiliary, and a number of ladies in the audience gave in their names.

During the afternoon the following letter to Dr. Wirt from her excellency Lady Forster was read:— "I am much interested in what you tell me of the work that is being done by the International Armenian Relief Committee, and I hope you will secure good support for the Australian relief ship which you propose sending to Constantinople. I am sorry I cannot take any active part in your campaign, but having only just brought my Commonwealth appeal for stricken Europe to a close. I do not feel justified in making any further appeal to the Australian public at the present time. I feel sure, however, that wherever you speak in Australia on behalf of a suffering people you will find a sympathetic and a generous response. Wishing you all possible success."