The Sydney Morning Herald, 11 augustus 1922
Bron: National Library of Australia




The Lord Mayor (Alderman McElbone), as chairman of the Armenian Relief Fund of New South Wales, has issued the following appeal:— "May I venture to bring before you for your urgent and kindly consideration the special call of need which comes to us from the land in which Christianity had its birth – Armenia. For a thousand years the torch of civilisation has burned brightly in the hands of the Armenian people, though a subject and persecuted race within the Turkish Empire. General Allenby, who is a witness to their courageous sacrifices on behalf of the Allies, calls them the Belgians of the East, and yet we have allowed one half of them to perish miserably."

"An international effort is now being made to save the remnant, which is estimated at two million people. As our part in this humane undertaking, we wish to send a relief ship from Australia to Armenia. The Prime Minister has signified his willingness to forward all gifts of foodstuffs and clothing on Commonwealth steamers at the expense of the Government. We hope to gather a cargo of 4000 tons. New Zealand has promised to contribute 1000 tons. This will be sent to Sydney at the expense of the New Zealand Government. New South Wales is asked to give 1500 tons. The things most needed are wheat, flour, rice, tinned milk, tinned meat, sugar, cocoa, coffee, cheese, chocolate, dried and preserved fruits, corn, oats, bacon and hams, soap, etc, leather, wool, woollen and cotton material, and any second-hand clothing."

"Will you interest your friends by means of public and drawing-room meetings, and such other ways as suggest themselves to you? We shall need funds as well. Please make cheques payable to the Armenian Relief Fund, and send to the Lord Mayor of Sydney. When gifts in kind are ready to be forwarded, please notify the hon. secretary (Mrs. Mackinnon), 34 Jamieson-street, Sydney."