The Sydney Morning Herald, 11 november 1895
Bron: National Library of Australia

Horrors of Turkish Rule


Further particulars are published in the Daily News of 30th september from its special correspondent in Turkish Armenia of the atrocities in the Kemakh district. Eight villages were pillaged and sacked, and their population, men, women, and children, subjected to every species of outrage. The monasteries were visited by the troops and bashi-bazouks, and their inmates, including lady superiors, beaten and tortured to extort from them information conserning supposed hidden treasure. The whole Armenian population of the district is now destitute, the villagos are entirely surrounded by Turkish troops, and for three weeks nothing has been known of their fate. "We can only," the correspondent says, "guess what is happening within the military cordon from what we know of the practics of Turkish soldiers" under such circumstances.

The Duke of Westminster has forwarded to Lord Salisbury a fourth remittance of £1000 for the Armenian Relief Fund.