The Argus, 8 oktober 1915
Bron: National Library of Australia

Armenian Horrors

Responsibility of Germans

Discussed in Lords

800,000 People Massacred

Lord Cromer (formerly British Agent in Egypt) asked in the House of Lords on Wednesday whether the Government had official information that German consular officials were privy to the massacres of Armenians by the Turks.

He added that one of the objects of our war against Turkey was that Armenia should no longer constitute a Turkish shambles. The Turks had made government by massacre part of their political system.

The Lord President of the Council (Lord Crowe), in reply, said that the British Government had received information that the population of one district had been absolutely exterminated. It had no official confirmation of the reports that German consuls had encouraged these horrors, but he was bound to state that, "knowing what had happened elsewhere, it could not be said to be an antecedent improbability that such was the case."

Lord Bryce, who recently made an appeal to the people of the United States to intervene on behalf of the Armenians, informed the House that, from figures he had received it was quite possible that 800,000 Armenians had been destroyed since May. The only chance to save the remnant was by neutral States exerting their influence with Germany.