The Argus, 6 september 1922
Bron: National Library of Australia


Armenian Relief


Blessed by Archbishop Lees

A simple, but impressive, little ceremony, which occupied only a few minutes, was performed at Prince's Pier, Port Melbourne, alongside the Commonwealth Government steamer Hobson's Bay at midday yesterday. A blessing was given by Archbishop Lees, of the Anglican Church, to the first consignment of 100 tons of flour which is being sent to the relief of starving Armenian children. A little group assembledd beside the railway trucks containing the bags of flour. Above the trucks, on the side of the Hobson's Bay, was spread a huge Union Jack. With Archbishop Lees on the pier, were Dr. L. L. Wirt, of California, who conducted the relief campaign in Australia, Dr Leeper, the president of the Armenian relief committee; the Moderator of the Presbyterian Assembly (the Rev. F.H.L. Paton); Mr. Edgar, M.L.C., the treasurer of the relief committee, the Rev. Seafield Deuchar, hon. secretary of the fund in Victoria, who will leave for Constantinople in a month or two to take charge of the distribution; Pastor J.E. Thomas, Church of Christ, and the Rev. T.A.R. Ebbs, national secretary of the Church of England Men's Society, and representatives of the Young Men's Christian Association.

Archbishop Lees said that they were gathered together for the blessing of a work which would be consummated when the gift of food and clothing was actually distributed. The gift was for the needs of a nation that had probably suffered more outrage at the hands of one particular Power than any other nation in history. It had been very nearly exterminated, and but for British intervention would have been under official sentence of extermination. In sending this gift the people of Australia were carrying out the precepts of their Master to help those in need. Archbishop Lees then gave a blessing to the gift and to the Rev. S. Deuchar, who will hand over the gift to the Armenians.

Prayers were offered for Armenia, and for the British Empire, the Rev. F.H.L. Paton read a lesson from St. Matthew, a prayer was delivered by Pastor Thomas, and the proceedings concluded with the singing of the Doxology.