The Argus, 6 juli 1922
Bron: National Library of Australia

Plight of Armenia

Appeal for Help

The sorry plight of the people of Armenia was brought under the notice of the members of the Victorian Rotary Club at their luncheon yesterday by Dr. L. Wirt, who is touring the world to raise funds for the unfortunates who have fared so badly at the hands of the Turks. Dr. Wirt said that it was his hope that Australia would take part in the rehabilitation of the Near East. Japan had promised to organise a fund, and had agreed to care for 1,000 Armenian children. Dr. Wirt said that he was trying to forge a chain of mercy round the world, and everywhere he had met with success. He had received many promises in Australia, and if the Federal Ministry would lend a ship it would be heavily laden with wool, leather, old clothes, jam, and other gifts for the Armenians. In conclusion, Dr. Wirt made a strong appeal to the Rotary Club to help in the organisation of a relief fund.