The Argus, 6 juni 1921
Bron: National Library of Australia

Murder of Vizier

Young Man Acquitted

Story of Armenian Massacre

LONDON, June 4.

The correspondent of the "Daily Telegraph" at Berlin says that appalling evidence was given at the trial of Solomon Teilirian, the young Armenian who was acquitted of the murder in March last of Talaat Pasha, a former Grand Vizier of Turkey.

Professor Lepsius gave evidence that the Young Turks in 1915 decided to exterminate the Armenians. Wholesale deportations were ordered, but hardly 10 per cent of the deportees reached their destinations. One million Armenians thus perished from hunger and sickness, or were massacred. When the concentration camps were full the Armenians were taken to the desert and slaughtered. Only the efforts of General Liman Von Sanders, the German commander in Asia Minor, saved 200,000 Armenians in the principal towns. The Young Turk feared that the Armenian Question would lead to the partition of the Ottoman Empire, and they decided accordingly that all non-Turks must be destroyed. Talaat Pasha put this policy into operation.

Other witnesses described the horrifying outrages committed by Turkish gendarmes upon women and girls, hundreds of whom were bound together with ropes and flung into rivers and drowned.

[When Teilirian was arrested he said that he had killed Talaat Pasha for having given orders which resulted in the massacre of Teilirian's parents, brothers, and sisters, after being tortured by Turkish gendarmes.]

Reported Massacre of Greeks

ATHENS, June 4.

Terrible massacres are reported from the seaports of Samsoon and Trebizond (the capital), in Armenia. The streets are strown with bodies of Greeks. Many shops have been ransacked. An American destroyer has arrived at Samsoon to protect American subjects there.