The Argus, 6 mei 1916
Bron: National Library of Australia

Armenian Civilisation

Travellers have recognised for centuries, says Sir Edwin Pears, that the Armenian population of Turkey, numbering about two millions, is a most valuable element in the country. The people, like ourselves, belong to the Indo-European race. A large portion of them occupy a mountainous country, and the men are usually stalwart and industrious. Their country was civilised and prosperous in the time of Christ, and I cannot doubt that the general average intelligence of Armenians is due to the fact that they are the descendants of parents who have been civilised for centuries. Armenia was the first country to establish Christianity as the religion of the State. Their great Christian teacher and national saint is Gregory the Illuminator. It is rare to visit the house of an Armenian in a fairly prosperous condition where there is not evidence of artistic taste-pictures, or a piano, or other musical instruments.