The Argus, 31 mei 1916
Bron: National Library of Australia

The New Germany

Viscount Bryce's Hope

What Should Be Done to Turkey

Viscount Bryce, presiding at a lecture at the Union College, said that "the spirit of aggression did not prevail in Liberal Germany prior to 1864."

"I hope," he said "that the defeat of Germany will mean the repudiation of the policy of aggression, and will reveal a higher and nobler Germany."

Referring to the Middle East, Lord Bryce declared:— "Turkey must be divested of all her territory except that which is inhabited by Mussulmans."

[In Constantinople about half the settled inhabitants are Mussulman, the other half being made up mostly of Orthodox Greeks, Armenians, Roman Catholics, Armenian and other Uniates, and Jews. There is, besides, a very large foreign population of various professions. In the Islands of the Egean Sea, the population is mostly Christian; 296,800 Christians to 27,200 Mussulmans. In various parts of Asiatic Turkey, the estimates are, Asia Minor, Mussulmans. 7,179,900; Armenians, 576,200; other Christians, 972,300; Jews, &c, 184,600; Armenia, Mussulmans, 1,795,800; Armenians, 480,700; other Christians, 165,200; Jews, &c., 30,700; Aleppo, Mussulmans, 792,500; Armenians, 49,000; other Christians, 134,300; Jews, &c., 20,000; Beyrut, Mussulmans, 230,200; Armenians, 6,100; other Christians, 160,400; Jews, &c, 136,900; Lebanon, Mussulmans, 30,400; Christians, 319,300; Jews, &c., 49,800.]