The Argus, 31 december 1914
Bron: National Library of Australia

Turks Repulsed

Massacre of Villagers

A Petrograd communiqué says that the Russian army in the Caucasus assumed the offensive in the Olminsk region, and occupied Merdenek. Near Sarykawish Turkish attacks were repulsed.

In the direction of Khorassan, a north central province of Persia, bordering on the Russian Transcaspian province, the Turks are committing atrocities against non-combatants.

The entire population of several villages has been massacred.

A Petrograd communiqué says:-- "We crossed the Laursing River, in the direction of Olti, north-east of Erzerum, in Turkish Armenia, where we checked large forces of the enemy, and also occupied the Khamour to Aganitz line, south-east of Erzerum, the Turks retiring with heavy losses, including many prisoners."

"Young Turks" and Germany

The Athens correspondent of the "Daily Telegraph" reports that the well-known Turkish politician, Talaat Bey, is at the head of the anti-German section of the "Young Turks."

It is reported that he is really the mouthpiece of the Young Turk's Committee which is secretly contemplating separation from Germany in the event of Turkey's war taking a bad turn.