The Argus, 30 juli 1915
Bron: National Library of Australia

Murderous Turks



Germans Offer Encouragement

Viscount Bryce, in the House of Lords on Wednesday, asked for confirmation of his information as to the extensive massacring of Christians in Armenia, and the wholesale deportations into Central Asia Minor and desert parts of Mesopotamia.

In one district, said Viscount Bryce, the Turks shot all the men, and took all the women and children away. Nine thousand were drowned in the Tigris. Apparently the Turks were aiming at the extermination of the Christian population.

Lord Cromer, formerly British Agent in Egypt, said that the outrages were attributable to recent German influence.

The Archbishop of Canterbury (Dr. Davidson) stated that he had received appalling accounts of massacres on the Turco-Persian frontiers. The Russians were now in occupation, and, happily were bettering conditions.

The President of the Council (Lord Crewe) said that he was grieved in having to confirm the reports. The Foreign Office in May informed the agents of the Ottoman Government that those actually implicated would be held personally responsible. The crimes had since increased both in number and in the nature of the atrocity. Wholesale massacres and other outrages, including deportations under the guise of enforced evacuation of villages, were reported. In some cases the German officers had countenanced and encouraged the crimes. The presence of Germans in Turkey had been an unmitigated curse to both Christians and Moslems. There was no immediate remedy. He could only emphatically promise punishment.