The Argus, 29 september 1915
Bron: National Library of Australia

Armenian Massacres

Denied by Bernstorff

Reports "Pure Inventions"

The German Ambassador at Washington (Count von Bernstorff) has undertaken the task of reassuring the American public in regard to the terrible Turkish atrocities in Armenia.

He declares that all the reports of massacres and outrages in Asia Minor are pure invention, and that no atrocities have been committed by the Turks.

[in response to many appeals, the United States Government has instructed the American Ambassador at Constantinople (Mr. Henry Morganthau) to investigate the Armenian massacres. Information received at Washington is that 450,000 Armemians have been killed by the Turks, and 600,000 rendered homeless or exiled. Many American philanthropists are supporting a fund for Armenian immigration to America, in accordance with Mr Morganthau's suggestions.]