The Argus, 29 april 1919
Bron: National Library of Australia



Sir, — Towards the end of March last there appeared in the cable news of "The Argus" a short but vivid and harrowing account of the present desperate plight of the Armenian peoples, and stating that unless food and the necessities of life were promptly supplied to the starving multitudes it would be "too late." The Friends of Armenia Committee in Victoria forthwith cabled to ask the Lord Major of London (who is the president of the Armenian relief committees of the United Kingdom) if their need was really urgent, and a reply has just been received, stating that "the Armenians are in greater need now than ever."

That the present plight of the Armenian peoples constitutes one of the greatest tragedies in the history of man kind has been confirmed by other cable messages appearing lately in "The Argus," and our committee of which Dr. Alexander Leeper is the chairman is therefore placing an other urgent appeal before the generous public of Victoria – a public that has never yet failed to respond splendidly to an appeal on behalf of suffering humanity – and we now take this opportunity to direct the special attention of your readers to the appeal we make on another page of this issue, assured that they have but to read the sad and awful facts stated therein as to the existing condition of these Armenians, to be moved to give liberally, and at once.

And may we venture to ask that you will very kindly consent to receive and acknowlegde such contributions as may be sent to "The Argus." — Yours, &

W.H. EDGAR, Hon. Treasurer.
314 Bourke street, April 28.

[We shall be glad to receive subscriptions to this fund, and to acknowledge all that may be sent to this office. — Ed. "A."]