The Argus, 29 april 1915
Bron: National Library of Australia

Horrors of Armenia

Plain Strewn With Corpses

Fearful Treatment of Women

Appalling accounts have been received of the condition of inhabitants of Armenia.

The whole plain of Alashgerd is said to be covered with the corpses of men, women, and children, frozen in congealed pools of their own blood. Women and children still half alive creep from under the heaps of corpses, from the ruins of houses, from stacks of corn and hay. and out of wells to tell the story of what took place.

"When the Russian forces retreated," they say, "Kurdish Hamidiehs fell on us and plundered us, and then shut us all up in the mosque. We did not know what was going to happen until they began to take our husbands and brothers out one by one to kill them behind the door."

"A great sound of sobbing arose, and we all fell on the necks of our loved ones until their turn came. So they killed all, one after another, from the old men down to boys of ten. All the Kurds then poured into the mosque, and divided our little boys between them to be brought up as Mohamedans."

"After having made us women and girls go through untold agonies they stripped us of all our clothing, and made us stand around the walls. The Kurds came up to us, and selected as many women as they wanted, placed them on horses, and took them away beyond these white mountmountains yonder. Those who resisted, were beatten mercilessly. Only old women and babies were left in the mosque."