The Argus, 28 juni 1921
Bron: National Library of Australia

Suffering Armenia

In a report which was adopted on February 14, the committee of the Armenian Red Cross and Refugee Fund directs attention to the deplorable condition of misery in which the population of Armenia is still living. It is said that such a state of affairs, two years after the signing of the armistice, presents overwhelming evidence of the unwillingness of western politicians to settle the Eastern question, so far as it concerns Armenia. Armenia has lost half her population, and nearly all her material possessions during the war, but there have been no reparations in her case. Up to the end of 1920, £26.104 has been paid into the fund. More than £2,000 was spent last year in succouring women and little children, chiefly orphans, in buying garments for refugees, and in grant to the Red Cross for work amongst the sick. An appeal is made to sympathisers to maintain their efforts, and to enlist the services of others. Contributions to the fund should be addressed to the hon. secretary, Miss E.J. Robinson, 35a Elsham road, London, W. 14.