The Argus, 24 september 1895
Bron: National Library of Australia

The Powers and the Porte



LONDON, Sept. 22.

The three great powers, England, France, and Russia, which are at present carrying on diplomatic relations with the Sublime Porte on the question of a reformed administration for Armenia, have made a new demand upon the Sultan.

Reparation is now demanded from the Porte for the outrage committed by Bedouins at Jeddah in May last, when the British vice-consul was killed outright, and the British, French, and Russian consuls were seriously wounded.

The powers are harassing the Porte with a view to enforcing their demand.

[The outrage referred to in the above cable message was committed by a party of Bedouins on May 26 last at Jeddah, the port of Mecca, on the Red Sea. The Bedouins made a murderous assault on the foreign consulates, and the British vice-consul, Abdul Razzak, was killed outright, while the British consul, Mr. William S. Richards, and the French and Russlan consuls were wounded. The consuls were taking an evening stroll, when they were suddenly tired upon by a party of Bedouins at a distance of only four yards. The outrage was a result of the severe quarantine regulations enforced by the consuls to prevent the spread of disease by the pilgrims arriving at the port from Mecca. Three British men-of-war were ordered to Jeddah, and the Sultan at once made an apology for the outrage, and promised that an inquiry should be made. Fifteen Bedouins were arrested in connection with the incident.]