The Argus, 22 september 1896
Bron: National Library of Australia

Fresh Massacre at Kharput


LONDON, Sept. 21.

A fresh massacre of Armenians has been committed by the Kurds at Kharput, in Asiatic Turkey, the number of victims being 600.

[The College of Armenia, founded by American missionaries at Kharput, was the most important educational establishment in Armenia and Kurdistan, but during the late massacres in Armenia it was burnt and pillaged. In february last the United States Government made a formal demand upon Turkey for 100,000 dollars (£20,000) as an indemnity for the losses caused by the destruction of the college at Kharput and the mission station at Marash. As the Sultan failed to comply with the demand, President Cleveland recently decided to send several American warships to Turkey to enforce the claim.]