The Argus, 22 januari 1918
Bron: National Library of Australia

Suffering Armenia


On behalf of the Council of Churches, the president (the Rev. Henry Worrall) requests that the following communication be read from the pulpits of the churches associated with the council on Sunday next, and suggests that any amounts received in response to this appeal be forwarded to Mr. Edgar, M.L.C., hon. treasurer of the Armenian Fund, 435 Collins street, Melbourne.

Commonwealth of Australia,
Prime Minister's Department,
Melbourne, 16th January, 1918,

Dear Sir,— The following cablegram from the Lord Mayor's Committee, London, has been recieved by His Excellency the Governor-General:—

"Arrangements are being made, with the support of the Archbishop of Canterbury and religions leaders, for regarding Sunday, February 3, as a day for intercessions and collections, wherever possible, on behalf of Armenia. The Lord Mayor's Committee trust that steps may be taken to observe this day for a similar purpose in Australia."

This message is being communicated to you in compliance with the request of the Lord Mayor's Committee that the appeal be brought to the notice of all religious bodies in Australia.

The secretary of the State War Council has been advised that the Commonwealth Government sees no objection to the proposed collections.

Yours faithfully,

M. L. SHEPHERD, Secretary.