The Argus, 21 februari 1917
Bron: National Library of Australia

The Remnant of Armenia

Claims for Assistance

A well-attended public meeting was held last evening, in the Assembly Hall, Collins street, for the purpose of awakening fresh interest in the cause of the people of Armenia.

The Chairman (Mr. W.H. Edgar) directed attention to the fact that this nation, which once numbered between 20 and 30 millions, is now reduced to less than three millions of people.

The Rev. J. Catterall, of Elsternwick, dealt with the history of the Armenians, giving special attention to the fact that they had frequently been persecuted, and especially during the past six centuries since they came under the domination of Turkey.

Mr. J.F. Tilomas outlined the present position of the nation, and stated that no fewer than 600,000 had been massacred by the Turks during this war. He also pointed out that many Armenians were fighting to-day in the ranks of the ally armies of Russia and France.

Mr. H.G. Balakian, of Armenia, and now a resident of Melbourne, made a strong appeal for his people.

On the motion of Mr. W.A. Howat, seconded by Mr. H.E. Wootton, the following motion was agreed to:—

"This meeting of citizens of Melbourne desires to call the attention of the public to the urgent need of our fellow Christians, the remnant of Armenia. We are convinced that their claims for help are so strong that the whole civilised world should co-operate forthwith to save them. We trust that the Government of Australia and the community at large will take up their cause, so that, where possible, protection and help may be given, and that liberal supplies of money may be received for immediate transmission through the Lord Mayor's Fund, London."