The Argus, 2 februari 1918
Bron: National Library of Australia

Suffering Armenia


Sir,— On behalf of the Council of Churches permit me to remind the people of Victoria that Sunday next is being celebrated throughout the British Empire as Armenia Day, when special or retiring collections are to be taken up in the churches for the purpose of contributing to the tragic needs of an innocent and outraged people, who during this war have been lashed and broken and murdered by our foes to an extent that has caused the whole world to shudder.

Of the countless hosts of these people upon whom disasters have fallen like hail, there are in the Russian Caucasus and on the borders of Persia some 400,000 destitute refugees. Multitudes of outraged mothers weep and stagger in misery, while helpless and fatherless children go day by day deeper into the depths of starvation, But the story for dread and pathos outruns all human description. The vision of the agony of these people has mightily moved the hearts of the leaders in Church and State in the United Kingdom, whence comes the appeal to the great soul of Australia to help the sufferers. Collections and donations may be sent to Mr. W.H. Edgar, M.L.C., 435 Collins street, Melbourne. — Yours,, & c.,


President of the Council of Churches.