The Argus, 19 februari 1917
Bron: National Library of Australia

Armenian Horrors

Thousands Dying of Starvation

Le Journal (Paris) publishes the report of the American committee which has been investigating the atrocities in Armenia.

The report states that the bodies of 60,000 Armenians – the victims of exhaustion and ill-treatment – have been buried at Meskene, whither many thousands were deported from Syria and Mesopotamia and placed in a camp. The bodies of 300 women, old men, and children were thrown into one huge grave.

Five thousand Armenians who are encamped on the banks of the Euphrates are mere skeletons. In one great shed are crowded 600 orphans. These people are dying of hunger, and people in other camps are fighting for food at the waste-heaps.

The commitee charges Zeki Bey, the Turkish Government's representative, with having instituted terrible tortures.