The Argus, 18 september 1919
Bron: National Library of Australia

Protection of Armenians

U.S.A. May Take Responsibility

Senator Hitchcock (Democrat) introduced a motion at the sitting on Monday of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee emporing President Wilson to send troops to Asia for the purpose of restoring order in Armenia and to protect the Armenians against the Turks and Kurds. The motion was referred to a sub-committee.

[It was the aim of the Peace Conference to induce the United States to accept the mandate over Armenia. The position at present is that the Allies, chiefly the British, are keeping a large and costly force in Armenia to protect the inhabitants from the Turks and Kurds, who are only awaiting an opportunity for avenging themselves upon the Armenians. The fact that a leading member of the Democratic party has taken action before the Foreign Relations Committee points to a desire on the part of President Wilson to yield to the wishes of the Peace Conference, and accept the mandate over Armenia.]