The Argus, 14 december 1895
Bron: National Library of Australia

Affairs in Turkey



LONDON, Dec. 12.

A correspondent of The Times in Armenia gives a graphic account of the deplorable ravages and devastation committed by the Turks and Kurds in that unfortunate country.

He states that the Hamadieh cavalry, an irregular body of horsemen, commanded by tribal leaders, but associated with the regular army, have destroyed 200 villages in the province of Van, and that 50,000 Armemians have been rendered utterly homeless and destitute. These miserable people, he states, are daily flocking into the city of Van, the capital of the province.

A telegram from Constantinople, which, however, comes from Armenian sources, states that the total number of Armenians, men, women, and children, massacred by the Turks and Kurds during the recent outbreaks in Asiatic Turkey is 100,000. It also asserts that 500,000 Armenians, who are homeless and destitute, are wandering about in the forests and mountains endeavouring to obtain subsistence.