The Argus, 12 mei 1915
Bron: National Library of Australia

Christians Butchered

Massacres in Armenia

Hideous Outrages by Turks

An American missionary at Uramiah, in Persian Armenia, in a letter written on April 8, describes an appalling condition of affairs as the result of Turkish excesses.

All the Christian villages have been plundered and burnt, the Kurds assisting the Turks, and 1,000 persons have been massacred. At least 2,000 have died of disease. Two hundred Turks were still carrying on the massacres at the time of writing.

The Russian vice-consul at Salmas has reported continual murders, outrages, and abductions at Salmas and Gulpashan, by order of the Turkish consuls at those places. Twenty-five leading residents were conveyed to a graveyard at Gulpashan, and butchered like animals, in the presence of their relatives.

One minister of religion was crucified and burnt alive, and a bishop was hanged.

Refugees in the Catholic Mission were taken before the Turkish consul, and 64 were beheaded.

Several parties of Christians at Salmas were massacred with their arms tied together. In other instances the victims of the Turkish barbarities were tied lo ladders, their heads sticking through the rungs, and then beheaded.