Canada, resolutie van het Huis van Afgevaardigden

24 april 2015

41st Parliament, 2nd Session


Genocide recognition

Text of the Motion

That the House:

(a) re-affirm its support for
(i) the Holocaust Memorial Day Act,
(ii) the Armenian genocide recognition resolution adopted on April 21, 2004,
(iii) the Rwandan genocide resolution adopted on April 7, 2008,
(iv) the Ukrainian Famine and Genocide (“Holodomor”) Memorial Day Act;

(b) call upon the government to honour the victims of all genocides by recognizing the month of April as Genocide Remembrance, Condemnation and Prevention Month; and

(c) acknowledge the associated commemorative days of
(i) Yom ha-Shoah (Holocaust Memorial Day), as determined by the Jewish Lunar calendar,
(ii) Armenian Genocide Memorial Day on April 24,
(iii) Rwandan Genocide Memorial Day on April 7,
(iv) Holodomor Memorial Day on the fourth Saturday in November.